New Collections and Additions!

Posted on March 04, 2014

New Additions!


Hankyz.com is excited to announce the arrival of some new pocket squares! We have two brand new collections and a couple of new additions added to our exsisting lines! 


The Berkeley

The Berkeley collection, is the brother to the Kensington collection. Made form luxurious satin these straight two fold hankies are available in seven different styles. There are three white handkerchiefs, one is plain whilst the other have a subtle pattern, for those looking for a twist on the traditional white hanky. We have a burgundy colour and a black hanky which will look smart and dapper at any occasion. And we also have two polka dot pocket squares, one red and the other in purple, for those of you whom fancy being more adventurous with your style. 

The Berkeley Collection is perfect for any occasion and possess a timeless elegance that will never fade. 





The Grosvenor

Our second new collection is called the Grosvenor. This hanky is sophisticated and suave. Made using fine satin the Grosvenor collection is a four point folded pocket square. It is available in white, ivory and a red polka dot making it a perfect choice for more formal events such as a wedding or to wear with a black tie. However this hanky can be worn anytime and is for the gentleman looking for a refined finish. 



We have also added 3 more pocket squares to some of our previous collections.

The Chelsea Collection now features two new guido puffs, a red polka dot on red, and a purple polka dot on purple. Made using satin they a fine new members to the Chelsea Collection and for those wishing to experiment with colour they are the perfect addition to any man's wardrobe. 

The Wedding Collection has seen the addition of an ivory pocket square, for those wishing to match your darling brides' gown, now you and all the groomsmen can match perfectly and be will be colour co-ordinated with the bride. One less thing to worry about on your wedding day!



So please have a look at our new pocket squares and keep yourself looking sharp!

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