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HANKYZ is set to transform the way that the suave and stylish man will fashion his top jacket pocket. For a long time have we not struggled to fold our own pocket handkerchiefs? And even if we had managed to fold that perfect straight edged hanky, or managed to style our Guido puff into that perfect shape, within an hour or two they would loose that shape.



We at HANKYZ have solved this problem! No longer does the modern man have to tie his own bow tie, and now he no longer needs to fold his own pocket square!  We have done this for you. All you have to do is simply fold the insert card and then slide it into your top pocket. And in no time at all you would have achieved that suave, sophisticated look whilst making minimal effort, which allows you to spend more time on the rest of your outfit.


Our pocket squares can be worn at any occasion whether to complement a suit and tie at work, or simply to replace a tie. The modern man is finding new ways to dress smartly and a pocket-handkerchief finishes off an outfit. Even if you are out for dinner and wearing a blazer and jeans, one of our hankyz will polish off an outfit with complete ease and no hassle.

Perhaps you are getting married and you want the groom and the ushers all to have exactly the same style of handkerchief to keep uniformity. With our hankyz this can be achieved. Or perhaps you are a guest at someone’s wedding and have never worn a handkerchief before, well our product is the perfect introduction to anyone who has never worn a pocket square, with absolute ease you will look smart, sophisticated and like you have been folding pocket squares for years.

Our handkerchiefs retain their shape the whole time, day or night, whether your are at dinner, dancing in a club or rushing around at work, our hankyz will never let the wearer down, keeping their shape and looking as good as they did when they came out of the box.

All our pocket squares are designed and made in the UK and we are proud to support British industry, as after all the pocket-handkerchief is quintessentially British!

We have a wide variety of shapes, colours, patterns and materials so please have a browse, we are sure that there is something there for everyone! And we have more designs coming soon!

They make the perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays or other special occasions, and come in a smart sophisticated package. Perfect stocking fillers! So why not treat your husband, father, brother, boyfriend… and smarten them all up with hankyz!

So please have a look at our beautiful pre-folded pocket-handkerchiefs!


Thank you!



Hankyz is proud to partnered with Bespoke Culture!

Bespoke Culture is a tailoring service based in London where we believe luxury is a lifestyle and help you dress the part through offering a unique experience where we will come to your home to discuss your tailoring requirements, decide what suit type, colour and personal touches would enhance your appearance and make this suit, you best suit, without the eye-watering bill at the end. After all, a first impression is everything. 


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